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The Vision band was created in 2002 to meet the changing face of music entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip. Formed by a group of experienced musicians, each from a different musical background, it has become one the most successful acts in Las Vegas. Performing classic Motown hits, 70’s & 80’s dance classics and today’s Rock & R&B chart toppers, the “show” combines the personality and showmanship of old Las Vegas with the new style of a high energy party.
The Vision Band is an incredible mix of highly talented and accomplished musicians. The leader and male vocalist, Storm McGinnis, started his career as a child singing radio commercials for Coca-Cola. He later attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana on a vocal music scholarship. Relocating to Denver as an adult, Storm became one of the Mile High city’s most sought after performers. Here in Las Vegas he’s been a mainstay at The Mandalay Bay.
Yolanda Tharrington, the group’s female vocalist, is perhaps the hardest working lady on the Las Vegas strip. Gifted with incredible vocal talent, good looks, and stage charisma, she turns heads every time she performs. Yo, as most people call her, has appeared on network television shows such as “Moesha” and “The Bernie Mac Show” and also on the feature films “Spiderman 2” and “Soulplane”. She is definitely a star waiting to be discovered.
The youngest member of Vision is it’s drummer, Earl Campbell. At 23 years old, he’s taken the Las Vegas music scene by surprise with his unique R&B funk style. In only a year since his arrival in the Valley, he’s already performed with Wayne Newton’s reality TV show winner Dilisco and international recording artist Taste of Honey.
Jeff Zinn, the bassist, is an original member of Vision. Hailing out of Houston, Texas, Jeff worked and performed for 6 years as the talent coordinator and orchestra director on the flagship of Carnival Cruise Lines. The consummate professional, Zinn’s ability to play numerous styles of music has allowed him to perform with the legendary Percy Sledge, Leslie Gore, and the 80’s pop sensation Expose’.
The most creative of this troop of musicians is one of it’s original members, guitarist Rob Prince. Armed with a background in jazz bass and classical guitar from the University of Miami, Prince blends a mix of Rock, Blues, and Jazz into his style. With an original project coming out soon, listeners will finally be privy to this talent.
Joe Spraker, the good old country southern boy, as friends like to refer to him, is Vision’s keyboardist. A graduate of the University of Indiana in Music Education, Joe has made a career out entertaining crowds. His work with Doc Severincon & The Tonight Show Band, Harry Connick Jr., Winton Marsailis and other national acts have made respected throughout the country.
What is the strength and uniqueness of the Vision Band is it’s versatility. The ability to transform from an accomplished jazz ensemble to a unbeatable dance band, sets the group apart from the rest of the pack.

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