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New Breed

The New Breed Band: Scott Carter - Guitar & Vocals Mark Fowler - Bass & Vocals Tom Salyers - Keyboards The New Breed Band is a renaisance band in the new century. In the days before "My Space" and the internet, record labels wouldn't allow artists to do what The New Breed Band does... that being, what they want to do!

The New Breed performs rock, funk, reggae and many elements of jam band improvisation in their live performance. In the old days of the record business, band's couldn't showcase all their different elements. Now there is a bold horizon for band's to encompass all the styles and influences that make the induvidual players who they are.

That in turn comes out in the music and The New Breed Band is one of those bands. We invite you to listen to 4 of our songs here on "My Space" and if you find you like them, please pass on the link to your friends. We are here for you and to network our artistry in music to others that might be down with what we do. The New Breed Band... positive, fun and always ready to jam for you!

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