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Rarely does a band combine explosive guitars with an intense longing for meaning. "We have the best jobs in the world because we play music for a living and love doing it, but we didn't get into this to try and sell something. For us, it's about communicating and connecting with people on a different level."

Chaze delivers their musical goods with passion, power, and a perception that bellies their limited time in the spotlight.

"We pride ourselves in taking some things you might think you know, and then twisting them around. We're not trying to necessarily be different--it's just the way we are. That keeps it interesting for us, and interesting for the fans as well." "That's how excited we were. I think a lot of that energy found its way into the music, which was our intent from the very beginning. We want each song to carry the listener on a journey, and we want to make sure the ride is as interesting as possible. The best way I can describe it is to say that this band is a celebration of being alive."

Chaze consists of Rizza Navales and Aimee Castillo on lead vocals, keyboardist/vocalist Jun Gacosta, guitarist/vocalist Eddie Pascua, drummer/vocalist Oxford Ortego and bassist/vocalist, Rebby Ricafrente. Put aside the usual pigeonholes, things like style and genre classifications--it takes much more for a band like Chaze to really make a personal connection with people.

"We're definitely a positive band. "We want to take experiences in our life and use them in a productive way, to encourage people not to let anybody tell them what to do with their life."

Influenced by a wide variety of music genres, including metal, progressive rock, pop, hip-hop, funk, jazz, and latin...you get the most out of Chaze!

"It's awesome to know that we’ve sacrificed and followed our hearts to end up where we are right now. "We definitely feel lucky, but we've worked hard to make that luck happen."

The band is still adding a great deal of energy and vitality to its live performances, and audiences are still responding enthusiastically. Chaze's music is funky with a feeling and a meaning.

Chaze is a fully loaded steam train on a track that will run on its way for a very long time no matter who says what. Check out the tunes, drink in the live vibe, don't believe the hype and decide for yourself.

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