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Bob Stewart

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!He's Probably the #1 Rod Stewart look & sound alike Tribute Artist in the country. In fact he is Rod's third cousin. So you are getting as close to the real deal as possible. He has the exact same voice with that good ol' British accent, Born in North London England U.K. Singing all the favorites with that "distinguiseing" raspy voice. Maggie Mae, Hot Legs, Do ya! Think I'm Sexy, Forever Young,Reason to Believe, Some Guy Have All The Luck, etc, etc. (46 all told). Presently living and Performing in Las Vegas, he has also performed in London, France, Spain, Germany, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Canada, Mexico and Costa Atlanta Cruise lines out of nice Italy, Just to name a few.

SUPPLYING A FULL SERVICE. Including Lights & P.A.System/s. Depending on your budget, You can higher me as:
(1)Single entertainer (using backing tracks) (2)With full live Band. (3)Full Band with one or two(girl)Backing Singers. (4)Full Band, Backing Singers, & four Showgirls/Dancers. I can also supply MC/DJ of over(100,000 songs)& Karaoke (120,000 Tracks). I also supply myself included in a Duet & Trio.

Apart from writing and recording my own material, I Have a new CD Out, I also work with 14 other Entertainment agencies as I am probably the #1 (Rod Stewart) look & sound alike Impersonator in the country; in fact Rod is also my third cousin, I now reside in Las Vegas. I relocated to the U.S.A. from Camden North London in 1986 and was signed to Capital record (A & R. Rachael Mathews) In Hollywood Las Angeles, and then with M.C.A. records, (A & R. Bret Hartman) Burbank Las Angeles appoxementally 22 years ago, I also recorded at A & M Records when I was a rock singer in various bands in the L.A., Hollywood area, and performed on many tours; I have also been Performing a tribute act, as my cousin for 18 years.
Some of the Venues Preformed at. It is impossible to name them all (there are several hundred).

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